Please enjoy our proud natural hot spring!


 We have six open-air baths, two indoor baths, and a total of eight baths.

 Kotohiki-Kairo’s hot spring water has a heat retention effect and is effective for promoting health by the effect of a hot bath.

~Japanese ancient style sauna transmitted from 1200 years ago ~


 Craftsmans in Kyoto reproduced the Kamaburo. The Kamaburo is a moderately dry, hot air bath at 45-48 degree.

 You can sweat without feeling tightness or stressing your heart and body.

◆Odd number day … For male
◆Even number day … For female

Hot saltwater bath
~Seawater hot spring suitable for the natural hot spring of the sea~

 We use clear seawater filtered through the ground from Ariakehama located nearby.
 This mineral-rich seawater stimulates metabolism and can also be expected to burn subcutaneous fat.

 In particular, it has excellent effects on horny care, moisturizing and heat retention, and it is also effective against atopic, rough, itchy skin, and athlete’s foot.

Nano bubble bath
~Nano bubbles in the mood of walking above the clouds~


 The light stimulation that wraps the whole body makes you feel comfortable. Your skin will be silky smooth, with oil and fat removed from your skin.

◆Odd number day … For male
◆Even number day … For female

~Bath using natural Japanese cypress~


 Smooth bath using natural Japanese cypress

 You can enjoy the smooth and mild feel of the bath.
 Enjoy the sea view from the natural, ancient bath. Seasonal sea views spread in front of you!

Bed bath
~Healed relaxedly~


 Lie down and relax your whole body.

 The strong bubble will heal your fatigue.

~The wind after the sauna is pleasant~


 The wind will heal the body that was heated in the sauna.

Guide map in the onsen

 East and West baths are replaced by men and women according to odd and even days.

Post based on Hot spring law
  1. About circulation device and heating
    A filtration system has been installed for sanitation management of hot springs. At the same time, heating is performed by a heat exchange system for temperature control.
  2. About adding water
    On busy days, we may add water for the convenience of operation.
  3. About disinfection and hygiene management
    In order to meet the standard of the regulations of Kagawa prefecture, we disinfect water by using chlorine-based medicine. In addition, we clean the facilities before opening and after closing to make it comfortable for our customers.