Information / Fee

You can also use the restaurant only. Please tell the front desk not to take a bath in the hot spring.
Business hours 11: 00-23: 00 (Last reception 22:00)

Information on hot spring fee

Bathing fee

* All prices include tax

Weekday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Adult (Junior high school students and above) 850yen 900yen
Child(Elementary school student) 450yen 500yen
A book of 11 coupons 8,500yen
  • * Free for children under Pre-school child.
  • * When children takes a bath, please use it under the supervision of parents from the viewpoint of safety and hygiene.
  • * For elderly people and long-term care customers who use diapers, we do not allow bathing.

Optional feeRentals / Sales

* All prices include tax

[Rent] Towel and bath towel set 260 yen
[Rent] In-house wear 260 yen
[Rent] Towels, bath towels, in-house wear set 520 yen
[Sale] Towels 230 yen
[Sale] Toothbrush 30 yen

Accommodation fee

Prices vary depending on the accommodation. Please check the price from the "Accommodation" page.


Information on facilities

Resting place "Suwarigumo"

A resting place where you can relax on the spacious tatami mats and sofas. In winter, you can also enjoy a warm wood-burning stove. Please spend a relaxing time.

Terrace "Nagisa no Koshikake"

From "Nagisa no Koshikake", you can see the glittering water surface during the day and the beautiful sunset view over the Seto Island Sea. At night, colorful colored balls are also placed. It is a great viewpoint for fireworks festivals such as the Zenigata Festival in July.

We also have a free shuttle bus

We have a free shuttle bus that can be used by groups for bathing or meal plans.
We will accept it according to your budget, pick-up location, etc., so please consult with the staff when using it.

Souvenir shop "Kotohiki"

We have a large selection of products such as homemade ice cream particular about the local ingredients, delicacies from the Seto Inland Sea, sweets made from natural ingredients, and fashionable accessories.