Hot springs effective for beauty and health

Natural hot springs

Natural hot springs of Kotohiki-Kairo

The hot springs in Kotohiki-Kairo, which is a calcium / sodium chloride spring, have a very heat-retaining effect. It warms the body to the core, so it is especially recommended for people with poor circulation. This hot spring is also called "Hot Spring for Beauty" because it prevents the skin from drying after you take a bath and make your skin moisturized. In addition, the natural hot springs have been certified as "Recuperation hot springs" as a result of inspections, which can be used for therapeutic purposes.

Natural seawater hot spring

"Seawater hot spring" suitable for natural hot springs in front of the sea

It is a hot spring that uses clear seawater that has been filtered through the ground from Ariakehama-beach. Abundant minerals activate your metabolism. It is also effective for burning subcutaneous fat. It has excellent keratin softening effect, moisturizing and heat retention, and is also effective for heat rash, atopic skin, rough skin, itchy skin, athlete's foot, etc. Please enjoy the natural seawater hot springs that we are proud of.

  • Natural seawater hot spring
  • Rich in minerals
  • Burning subcutaneous fat
  • Keratin softening effect
  • Moisturizing and warming

Foam bath

"Ultra-fine Foam bath" that make you feel like floating above the clouds

In the foam bath, very fine bubbles wrap around your whole body. When you immerse your whole body in this bath, which is very comfortable with a light stimulus, you will feel as if you are floating on a fluffy cloud. Enveloped in fine bubbles, it has the effects of cleaning the skin, promoting blood flow, and relieving fatigue. It removes oils and fats from the skin and makes your skin smooth.

◆Odd days : Female ◆Even days : Male

  • Ultra-fine Foam
  • Clean your skin
  • Promoting good blood circulation
  • Recovery from fatigue

Indoor bath

"Ishifuro" using high-quality black granite

When you look out from the indoor bath made of high-quality black granite, you can see the beautiful blue sea, Hiuchi-nada, in front of you. It is very luxurious to listen to the sound of the wind and ripples and look up the sky while soaking in a high-quality hot spring. Please spend a relaxing and wonderful time.

  • Natural hot spring
  • Black granite
  • Heat retention effect


A hot spring that you can lie down on and relaxed

In the bath set up in the open air, you can lie down while taking a bath. The massage effect of the bubble promotes blood flow and heals the tiredness of the whole body. You can listen to the sounds of the sea and the wind, read a book leisurely, or just chill out without thinking at all. You can spend a relaxing time.

  • Massage effect
  • Promoting good blood circulation
  • Recovery from fatigue

Medicated bath

"Onsen that makes your skin beautiful" using rice bran and olive oil

The medicated bath contains rice bran and olive oil, which have been known to smooth the skin since ancient times. This makes your skin moisturized and smooth. The contained inorganic salts also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and warming your body. In addition, it combines with proteins on the surface of the skin to form a film, which prevents heat from radiating from your body.

  • Beautiful skin
  • Moisturizing and warming
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Guide map of hot springs

The hot springs in the east and west are used by men or women on odd and even days.

Effect of the natural hot springs

Name of the source Recuperation spring
Quality of hot spring Calcium / sodium chloride spring
Effect Muscle or joint pain or stiffness (chronic phase of rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, sprain), Cold sensitivity, Peripheral circulation disorder, Decreased gastrointestinal function, Mild hypertension, Impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), Mild hypercholesterolemia, Mild asthma or emphysema, Autonomic instability, Symptoms by stress, Post-illness recovery period, Recovery from fatigue, Health Promotion

Fee, Opening hour, Precautions

Bathing fee

Weekday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Adult (Junior high school students and above) 850yen 900yen
Child(Elementary school student) 450yen 500yen
A book of 11 coupons 8,500yen
  • * Free for children under Pre-school child.
  • * When children takes a bath, please use it under the supervision of parents from the viewpoint of safety and hygiene.
  • * For elderly people and long-term care customers who use diapers, we do not allow bathing.
[Rent] Towel and bath towel set 260 yen
[Rent] In-house wear 260 yen
[Rent] Towels, bath towels, in-house wear set 520 yen
[Sale] Towels 230 yen
[Sale] Toothbrush 30 yen
Opening hour 11:00-23:00 (reception hours are until 22:00)
  • Those who have tattoos are strictly prohibited from taking a bath without hiding it with a tattoo sticker.
  • Please refrain from bathing when you are very drunk.
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Posting based on the Hot spring law

1. About circulation device and heating We have installed a filtration system for hygiene control of hot springs, and at the same time, we are heating with a heat exchange system for temperature control suitable for bathing.
2. About water addition On busy days, water may be added due to operation.
3. About disinfection treatment and cleaning hygiene management In order to meet the standards of the Kagawa Prefecture Ordinance, we use chlorine-based chemicals to disinfect. In addition, we clean the store before it opens and after it closes so that you can use it comfortably.