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hot spring
A wide variety of
natural hot springs
You can enjoy high-quality natural hot springs certified as "Ryoyosen(recuperation hot springs)" either a day trip or an overnight stay. Relax in a wide variety of hot springs, such as the open-air bath, the salt bath using seawater, and the stone bath using high-quality stones mined in Japan.
5 types of distinctive and unique saunas
You can enjoy unique saunas such as a sauna with a panoramic view of the sunset at Ariake Beach, which was selected as one of Japan's 100 Best Sunsets, and a Japanese-style sauna with tatami flooring. You can also enjoy three types of cold baths, including one using cold spring water, as well as plenty of outdoor bathing space.
Seasonal dishes using
local ingredients
We have a lot of menus of dishes using seasonal ingredients and local ingredients. The restaurant can be used in a wide range of situations, from individual use to group use.


We offer three types of accommodations: "Kairo Home," which is recommended for families,
"GLAMPREMIER Setouchi," which has ocean-view villas and glamping tents;
Hotel O. (scheduled to open at the end of 2024), where you can enjoy a garden with all rooms equipped with wooden decks.
*All facilities are located next to Kotohiki-Kairo, not in the Kotohiki-Kairo.

Kairo Home

Kairo Home opened in 2019 after renovating the interior of an apartment building adjacent to Kotodan Kairo. There are 2LDK and 3LDK room types, so families and groups can use the spacious rooms. Available for up to 6 people.
Each room is equipped with a kitchen, bath, and toilet, and Wi-Fi is available free of charge.


GLAMPREMIER Setouchi is the glamping facility based on the concept of "a premium glamping experience where you can enjoy the nature of the Seto Inland Sea and Kagawa with all five senses." We offer a villa that can accommodate up to 10 people, all with ocean views, and glamping tents fully equipped with a BBQ facility. We also have pet-friendly rooms with a private dog run, so dog lovers can enjoy this hotel as well.

Hotel O.

Hotel O. is a hotel with the concept of "a hotel in Setouchi region where you can enjoy the bath(Ofuro), the garden(Oniwa), and the outdoors(Osoto)" and all rooms have wooden decks. We offer a wide range of room types, from double rooms recommended for business use to fifth rooms recommended for group use. The hotel is scheduled to open at the end of 2024.


An admission fee is required to take the hot springs. If you are staying at the hotel,
the admission fee to take the hot springs is included in each price.
There is no admission fee if you only use the restaurant.
Kanonji, Kagawa
Kotohikikairo, 6-6 Ariake, Kanonji, Kagawa, Japan
TEL 0875-24-4567