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hot spring
A wide variety of
natural hot springs
You can enjoy high-quality natural hot springs certified as "Ryoyosen(recuperation hot springs)" either a day trip or an overnight stay. Relax in a wide variety of hot springs, such as the open-air bath, the salt bath using seawater, and the stone bath using high-quality stones mined in Japan.
Seasonal dishes using
local ingredients
We have a lot of menus of dishes using seasonal ingredients and local ingredients. The restaurant can be used in a wide range of situations, from individual use to group use.
Accommodations that you can choose according to your purpose
We have various types of accommodations, such as "Kairo Home" which is characteristic of a large room of up to 69㎡ that can accommodate up to 6 people, "Kairo for Woman" which is a hostel where only women can stay, and "Kairo Inn" which is a inn where only man can stay. After the hot springs and dishes, please relax at the accommodations.

Either a day trip or an overnight staySome recommended plans to enjoy Kotohiki-kairo

With a variety of accommodations, a restaurant and hot springs, Kotohiki-kairo can be used for various purposes such as family trip, girl`s trip, business and worcation.
A girl's trip
where you can make
your skin clear
at the hot springs
along with sightseeing around
The hot springs and
restaurants that
we always visit
when traveling
Dad, mom and I
are in a good mood
for the family trip


An admission fee is required to take the hot springs. If you are staying at the hotel,
the admission fee to take the hot springs is included in each price.
There is no admission fee if you only use the restaurant.
Kanonji, Kagawa
Kotohikikairo, 6-6 Ariake, Kanonji, Kagawa, Japan
TEL 0875-24-4567